We believe it is important to make a change to the way we currently build. The building industry is responsible for 39% of all global carbon emissions; The way we currently operate our homes (ie heating and cooling, lighting etc.) contributes to 28% with the remaining 11% coming from embodied carbon emissions associated with materials and construction processes. The average renovation contributes 15t of CO2 per each build (compared to 50t of CO2 per new build).

Carland Constructions is in the process of ensuring that we are climate positive.  We are looking to undertake steps to go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions and create an environmental benefit by removing additional CO2 from the atmosphere.

We are committed to making sure our houses are build to highest environmental standards.  We believe that your home should work for you and be designed in a way that not only looks great but reduces its environmental and social impacts.  As a result, these homes provide healthier living conditions and reduce your running costs.

We are currently enrolled to become a Passive House builder.  Armed with this knowledge, we know we can build you a home that is more efficient, will lower your running costs and be a comfortable home to live in.